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    Top China CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer – CNC Machining Services | Dajin Precision

    Welcome to Dajin Precision, everyone! In order to improve our user experience and provide better CNC machining services and parts, our new website is online! We are always dedicated in top quality CNC turning parts manufacturing and make each customer enjoy our service, now please keep reading for the details.

    Dajin Precision – Top China CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer
    Shenzhen Dajin Precision Hardware Co., Ltd is a professional CNC machining services, CNC turning services, CNC turned parts and CNC machined components manufacturer and exporter, over 10 years experience in OEM/ODM work, providing a wide range of custom CNC machining parts for different industries to your required dimensions. Fast response will be sent back and one-stop service following after your inquiry.

    Wide Range of Products
    You can find various CNC turned parts product list for different industries, including Aerospace, Electronic, Mechanical, Military & Defence, Medical & Dental, Automobile, Hunting & Fishing and more features products like fastener, connector, screw, shaft, pin, metal housing, aluminum pipe, probes, bushes, bar, metal cans, shaft sleeve, hydraulic fitting, rivet, bolt, nut, rotables, test tooling components, broadhead, insert, etc., formed steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, brass, alloy and plastic components.

    Manufacturing Capabilities
    Our CNC turning capacity is Ø1-20 x 1500mm, tolerance ranging from +/-0.001″–0.005″, which can also be discussed with clients. Our 3/4/5-spindle CNC lathe machines, high-precision turning-milling centers and centerless grinding machines at our disposal to manufacture CNC machining components as per customer requirements.

    Reliable R&D and Production Team
    Individual Research and Development team working on CNC machining design, offering solid support to our production preparation. In addition, the experienced and skilled production team can deliver reliable prototype and batch production of CNC turning parts without affecting work efficiency.

    100% Quality Insurance
    Our product quality is guaranteed by premier materials and 100% inspection to ensure all our CNC machining parts to a rigorous Quality Control System. The quality control of our large-scale production process totally confirmed to ISO9001:2015 standards.

    All CNC parts fabrication is completed according to your drawings or required specifications. Quick quote for our CNC turned parts and any problems, please feel free to contact Dajin Precision Online Service!

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